Planning Your First Fight

I really only tried to instigate it tonight, but we’re planning it for Wednesday. My SO and I get along really well. We’ve been at it for 8 months now, and we’ve done all the declarations of love and stuff that generally come with completely trusting another person. I know it all sounds terribly romantic, and I have to say, it IS.

Just probably not the way I’m describing it right now, haha.
We have never had a fight. With being in a long distance relationship, it seems silly to fight and we don’t usually get that deep into conversations that we disagree on but I am finally going to take the plunge. This may be a horrible idea, especially since I wanted it to be about something that we both feel very strongly about … but it probably needs to happen. We trust each other enough to be okay with it, and have both been thinking the same way about it.
When I brought it up tonight, he agreed … another reason we need it to happen.

Planning your first argument, a lot of things run though your head
-What if we break up from this polarizing topic?
-Does he love me enough to not yell?
-What will being yelled at be like?
-What if there are literally no topics we disagree on? Is it weird to date yourself?
I cannot say for sure if any of these things will happen because obviously we are not the same people and are actually very calm in arguments with other people.

But insecurity remains! I just hope this argument won’t get the best of our relationship, because I really do love my SO – ClassyMan for all of you who follow ohthevogonity, my other site. If I had to use one cliche expression to describe him it would be that he is the bee’s knees. And that’s no joke.


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