Crunching the Numbers

The oddness continues with my sleeping patterns. It turns out I was snoring the entire night last night and my roommate did not wake me up and tell but suffered in silence. She did in fact wake me up by calling me, but did not tell me why she called me, and I assumed she had accidentally dialed me and was asleep. Clearly I make odd assumptions when I am drowsy.

Aside from that, when I woke up, I felt horrible from the congestion! Darn sinuses.

Another thing that happened this week was a black eye. I am so good at keeping my balance constantly that I couldn’t stop at breaking my leg last year, but had to go ahead and hit my face on the ice while doing a scratch spin. A black eye for your last week of classes before summer and your second day at a new job is not the most ideal thing I can think of. Additionally, I did something to my kneecap so that when I put any sort of pressure on it, I think it might tear apart. Such is my life I suppose.

The good thing though, is that I finally get to see my SO after a two month stretch. I can’t wait to have ClassyMan nurse me back to health, I’m not ashamed to admit I like a little pampering. I am a feminist who thinks feminism is being who you want to be. If you are able to make your own decisions, I consider you a free woman and I applaud you!

Next on this episode of notavogon’s Stream of Consciousness, I have a marketing final tomorrow. I know, you can’t believe that me, the self proclaimed ‘poet’ is a marketing major, and furthermore a stats monkey but it is the cold hard truth. Deal with it!

I know that there is a me poem coming soon, one that will finally have me answering the age old question, ‘what is vogonity‘ I’m just waiting on my artist to finish up the sketches. I think you might just like it if you have ever heard of Edward Gorey or even acrostic poetry. Which of course you have because you’re all smart people who enjoy reading and intellectual activities.

Ta ta for now my friends, I’ll write to you soon


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