A Snip of Wisdom #8

Apparently, flies take off backwards from resting positions. Swat at flies so they cannot escape, and your life will be full … of dead flies.



Would You Like To Sample The Poetry?

I always thought I’d be one of those people who holds out until they got either a real job or a paid internship. But the second I stop looking for an interview and resign myself to a life of academia … My professor gives me a push in the direction of a wonderful company (that I’ve only known about since Thursday and is completely out of my range of knowledge aka the beauty and health services industry) and now I have an internship. Its great!
Things at actual work where I get paid money are good too, I’m making outside of work friends! Oh M G its like I have a social life … AND a successful (mildly) life as a student. I’m pretty freaking awesome guys. Don’t get too excited, I’m still the same old prideful, weirdo who writes poetry any old time she feels like it.

Speaking of poetry I am going to expand my horizons with a coworker, we are going to a slam poetry contest/meet up in the city on Wednesday. I’ve never been, so I expect to be completely out of my comfort zone again, which is good. I need it!

All in all a good week. Stay froody!

I Don’t Know

I don’t know that much about dementia.

I know it causes a deteriorating mental state
I know she can barely remember me
I know its a symptom, but of what?
I know it can cause short term memory loss
I know a woman who scared the life of of me doesn’t remember doing it
I know she bought a blender, and gave it to me because she didn’t remember why she bought it
I know it can cause you to be more repetitive with your stories
I know if you steer a person with it in the right direction, they can be much more free with their stories
I know its not a normal part of aging
I know my grandma has it

She’s been receiving ‘proper care’ and is finally living near family, but I just actually found out today.
This post is dedicated to her.

No, We Were Experimenting On Them!

I’m such a sissy when it comes to mice. There was a time when I trapped a mouse in a cup. I wasn’t at all afraid of it, but alas, such is life as a child.

I saw it again today, them mouse that is. I would swear it was haunting me. Once a mouse died in my basement at my childhood home, and I refused to do laundry until it was removed. That was a fun few weeks! (Jk, they removed it in a few days… Weird family.)

After the initial sighting, I cleaned almost every floor surface in my house, and wiped up all crumbs and deposited them where their existence would no longer be a burden to those who reside here. But three days later, I saw it again. Right outside my room. I may have a panic attack just thinking about it!

What I hate about mice:
They tend to overestimate their importance in the world. Just because they’re the smartest beings on earth does NOT entitle them to scurry everywhere!!!
Scurrying. Enough said.
Incessant need to chew on stuff.
Climbing everything
The fact that they don’t use a litter box
They probably have weird diseases that if mutated to humans, would kill us pretty quickly (educated guess?)
They’re really little. I’m actually fine with rats, they’re easier to catch because they’re not as smart and they are larger, but you can’t ever be sure you’ve seen a mouse out of the corner of your eye because they’re tiny and move super fast.

I told my roommate she MUST put her food in Tupperware, but she hasn’t doe it yet. I might do it for her… Or, she can be the one to find it and deal with it.

Long story short, somebody please come rescue me from the mice! I’d prefer CM, but he’s off in Europe, even though our anniversary was yesterday! The talented, wonderful, love of my life, jerk! At least we got to text each other a short message, but we’ll be celebrating later, don’t worry!

Hiding in fear of our rodential overlords

UPDATE: Bartholomew the stuffed animal cat is my only protection and solace!!

Yoga Mind

Good morning! I woke up creative and calm this morning, a very yoga type of mood, which is good. This is my normal. I think that my cryfest last night was just what I needed, oddly enough, to get back on track.
I’m going to set some goals here for today, and if I don’t do them, whatever! They’re only guidelines 🙂
1. Clean
2. Practice
3. Cook for the party/potluck I’m going to tonight! Hooray for friends!
4. Team meeting :/ darn school
5. Write a poem or story
6. Have fun

Yeah man, peace for today, poem for tomorrow, and hope for the future. See you later!

Vogon Envy

I finally start to feel back to normal.
And then he calls.
I never knew long distance could be so hard. We have been long distance practically our entire relationship. It started at a job, where lots of rules were on place. Then at home we live 3 hours away from each other, making a quick date impossible. At school, I am even farther away, and I thought I could handle him being back at the place we met, without me.
I never cry, I don’t usually consider myself very emotional, which is funny because I write poetry. But poetry is my release. Instead of crying I write.
I can count on my hand the times I’ve cried in the past 3 years, but tonight, I am still crying. I try to believe that it is not because of him, CM has to do what he loves, I’m just missing him so much. Sorry but not sorry about the whining. I wrote him a letter and he just got it today and said he would sleep with it under his pillow. The jerk, he knows just what to say to make me love him even more and he might realize it or he might not, but I don’t even care.
And you know what? I am an ugly crier, and not ashamed to admit it.
I get the works, the tears streaming down my face, the blotchy red skin. Sometimes, I even get an allergic reaction from being so sensitive. It is magic.
I should really just take a lesson from the Vogons. They’ve got their stuff sorted out. A Vogon wouldn’t even save it’s grandmother from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal without the proper paperwork. Not that I’m saying I want to be bureaucratic, but if I could quash my emotions like that right now it might be nice.
I actually feel better now that I’ve written it down. I guess you all are like my vent, so sorry for blowing off all this steam on you! I’ll be cheerful tomorrow, because I’m ending ‘me time’ it has gone on far too long. I’m an extrovert by nature, and I’ve realized I can’t rely on Netflix and meditation to make me better: I just need my friends and a night out to watch Maleficent.
Sending good vibes your way

There is Definitely a Write Way

A good nights sleep has a lot to do with restoring your sanity. Who knew?
I bought a curtain for my window two days ago, and not waking up at 5:30AM is actually really great.
When I got back home after a day of work and class, starting at 8 AM and ending at 9:30 PM, I realized I wasn’t as mentally exhausted as usual. That state of mind I was in always makes me a bit lethargic, but also feel like I have a million things to do. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a manic state, but it isn’t. It is just how I respond when I actually have a million things to do.
Today is my day to restore myself. I can always calm down when I have a me day. Usually it involves reading Jules Verne or Douglas Adams because their adventurous style and sense of humor remind me it could be worse. My brain could be powered by lemons, or I could be stuck under the earth with an impending heat wave about to engulf me, but its not! I know it’s a bit absurd to go to that drastic place, but seriously, BIG PICTURE. Even just writing myself has made me feel more at home in my mind; yesterday my roommate commented that I seem more calm and happy today. Progress!
So, here is my list of things that make notavogon feel more like myself.

1. Reading (Pretty much anything)
2. Cooking (I’m a prep cook right now by profession, but I love coming up with new recipes and spice combinations)
3. Baking (Not the same as cooking, but just as fun, and usually more delicious outcomes)
4. Yoga or other exercise (I’m not technically super in to yoga, but I do like the focus that comes with it)
5. Dancing (hip hop, all day, every day)
6. Practicing (I should really practice violin today…)
7. Meeting strangers (but always remember stranger danger)
8. Poetry (my other blog was how I usually restore my sanity, because writing down the craziness can help with my creativity and happiness, but I’ve had a bit of writers block lately which only makes it worse)
8. That’s all for now, I’m going to actually do some of these things!!

Hopefully I’ll be back with a new poem later today!

Do You Have The Time?

I have gone mad.
Quite simply put, I cannot concentrate on anything, and I have new ideas for poems and have six in the works right now but can’t complete them for lack of concentration. I’m thinking that maybe a mental health day will help me to relax, but I have to go through a 13 hour day of work and class to get there.
I was fine for the two weeks when CM came to visit me, the longest he has ever stayed with me. I usually get sick of people after having been in close contact with them for only a week or even less. I don’t work well on co dependent teams, its either me in charge or me following orders. But with CM, I didn’t need either of those things because we were just hanging out and having fun which I haven’t done in a while. I knew I liked him, and I knew I loved him, but now I’m sure that I’m also in love with him. It might seem like a weird indicator, and it certainly isn’t the only factor in writing this out, but its really nice to have someone you trust and who you consider an equal partner cone stay with you longer than a few days.
After he left to go back home though, the weirdness started. I am pretty sure if I meditate I will be a little more tolerable to my friends, so hopefully it will work!! I don’t want to alienate anyone, but I can’t hang out until I get my mind calmed down a bit. The whole, racing mind thing runs in the family unfortunately. Not a exactly mental illness, just a thing.
When I’ve sorted things out or sorted enough to get a poem out (usually I just have to get things I really need to get finished done, and then I’ll be back to usual) I will be back posting all the poetry you can stomach, and some of the poetry you can’t. Prepare yourselves 😉

Choose Your Own Dilemma

I once spent an entire evening texting my SO prompts in a choose your own adventure/text adventure style.
It ended up that he was great knight to a slightly evil princess, who saved his life from a super evil prince.
Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils I guess.
Personally, I think that life is just a little more interesting when it is peppered with a bit of mischief, so why bother being good all of the time? I’m not saying go out and loot and/or pillage your village, but if you take a walk on the wild side, its probably not going to kill you. Unless its drugs. JUST SAY NO!

Speaking of the wild side, I think I might be headed into dangerous territory at work. The restaurant business is very determined by work schedules, and j just offered myself up for more hours, which means that other people could end up with less shifts. I could really use the money, since I am but a poor student in an expensive city but I’m clearly not the only person who works because they need money. At this point I’m not sure if it is a moral or an ethical or just a plain old problem, but if no one else speaks up about meeting more hours, than am I ok? You must be verbal in the food industry, if not you will get used and abused by customers and upper (or even middle) management. I could be over thinking the issue I suppose. There are only three prep chefs in my restaurant and one to two shifts per day, so no one is in danger of starving if they lead an average folded life. I think my recent hours of standing have maybe gone to my head, and I should probably just go meditate or sleep or something.

If anything has advice or suggestions though I’ll take them into consideration, as always. Bye y’all!

I Dream of WordPress

Last night was pretty restless for me. I must have restless body syndrome though because I woke up with no problem (except for the usual one of setting my alarm later and later, but that is besides the point entirely) but according to my roommate, I mumbled for a lot of the night in my sleep. Obviously it didn’t bother me, but I do feel bad because it must have been distracting as she was trying to get to sleep.

One of the only intelligible phrases she heard me say was Freshly Pressed.

That’s right, I even dream about WordPress now. It’s not enough that it sucks on my soul all day, siphoning all of my free time under the guise of my favorite hobby… but now it’s infiltrated my dreams as well.

I suppose if anything must infiltrate my dreams, WordPress is probably the thing I mind the least. The only thing that would be better would be a book that I really like or maybe Pokémon, which is now on Netflix (Squirtle Squad anyone?).

Wow, that was quite the side bar. I hope tonight I dream of getting an internship, or of getting recognized somehow for my odd poetry.

Goodnight my friends, sleep well and odd dreams to you all.

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