A Snip of Wisdom #8

Apparently, flies take off backwards from resting positions. Swat at flies so they cannot escape, and your life will be full … of dead flies.



Would You Like To Sample The Poetry?

I always thought I’d be one of those people who holds out until they got either a real job or a paid internship. But the second I stop looking for an interview and resign myself to a life of academia … My professor gives me a push in the direction of a wonderful company (that I’ve only known about since Thursday and is completely out of my range of knowledge aka the beauty and health services industry) and now I have an internship. Its great!
Things at actual work where I get paid money are good too, I’m making outside of work friends! Oh M G its like I have a social life … AND a successful (mildly) life as a student. I’m pretty freaking awesome guys. Don’t get too excited, I’m still the same old prideful, weirdo who writes poetry any old time she feels like it.

Speaking of poetry I am going to expand my horizons with a coworker, we are going to a slam poetry contest/meet up in the city on Wednesday. I’ve never been, so I expect to be completely out of my comfort zone again, which is good. I need it!

All in all a good week. Stay froody!

I Don’t Know

I don’t know that much about dementia.

I know it causes a deteriorating mental state
I know she can barely remember me
I know its a symptom, but of what?
I know it can cause short term memory loss
I know a woman who scared the life of of me doesn’t remember doing it
I know she bought a blender, and gave it to me because she didn’t remember why she bought it
I know it can cause you to be more repetitive with your stories
I know if you steer a person with it in the right direction, they can be much more free with their stories
I know its not a normal part of aging
I know my grandma has it

She’s been receiving ‘proper care’ and is finally living near family, but I just actually found out today.
This post is dedicated to her.

Lying: On Beds, To Yourself, and in Cleaning

For when you should be lying in bed.

I told myself to go to sleep hours ago, but my SO and I were skyping so I didn’t want to. Why an I so contrary with myself all the time? Clearly I have a cognitive dissonance. But enough psychology and self loathing.

I’ve said before how much I hate he English language, but sometimes it makes me so happy. I write poetry in English for two reasons after all (only one of the reasons is that the only other language I know is Latin) and one is because I enjoy working against the confines of language limitations. Getting your meaning out on paper (or online) is one of my favorite pastimes and I do it pretty often. Writing out normally like on this blog does not come quite as easily to me but it is very therapeutic.

So I lied not only to myself but also to you fine folks because I am not cleaning with lye, or talking about its various alkaline cleaning properties. It didn’t happen and is not likely to ever happen because bleach is my mold’s poison.

I am quite out of it as I write this, and I am not even in bed yet though I have had countless opportunities. So I should probably go now, before I say something too revealing, like the fact that my SO and I were very open in our live tonight, and tried to match each other’s declarations. Or that I only did two planks today but ate the equivalent of two packages of Twix bars…
So before all of that damning evidence, good night and good riddance.

Not Just a Pawn, but the Actual Game Board

So, the universe likes to toy with me, which is fine. I’ve accepted this as my fate.

Today after an interview for an internship, it was raining and I had no umbrella. I’m in the middle of the city wearing heels, and I have no umbrella. Thanks a lot. I finally make it out of the rains and back to class (though late) and realize I forgot the homework I was supposed to have prepared. Luckily it was not mandatory, and then class ended. I got a hot chocolate at Starbucks after that.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

The only people who say ‘no whip’ on their hot chocolate are ones who are on a diet or ones who are depriving themselves of happiness. If you disagree you are an outlier!! I asked for no whip because of a little of both, and was pleasantly surprised when the Barista gave me whipped cream anyway. I should have know better.

This was the universe’s attempt at a back handed apology. I got outside and it was raining harder, and even worse was that it got colder and I only had a blazer as a jacket. I ended up running back home, spilling hot chocolate on my computer (not damaging, just sticky) and all over myself in the process.

I only blame myself and the universe. Some days you just have to let the universe do its worst, so that you can have a better or at least only just as bad tomorrow.

Happy tax day.

That Was a Pretty Dumb Idea

Planning a fight was probably not the best thing to do for many reasons. But to ease everyone’s minds, we didn’t actually go through with it. Although we would eventually like to see how we handle disagreement, we decided that being happy is more important than instigating fights. Which should really be common knowledge guys. Just saying.
The reasons why we did not end up fighting are:
First of all, we get along really well and neither of us (at least I hope) is conceding even if we do disagree.
Second, what if I had actually gotten mad about something and not wanted to talk to him? I’d be devastated, and since we don’t live in the same state it would be all too easy to avoid him.
Third, I love him too much to want to plan to get angry at him, or even frustrated at his opinion. At the end of the day, all I want is to know he is there for me, and I am there for him. It doesn’t matter if we’re 1000 miles or 2 miles away from each other, any distance can be surpassed.

I talked with my sister about how my mom made me insecure about having a fight free relationship, and as I talked and probably bored my sister to tears I realized that I don’t have to be insecure. We’re together for a reason, its not like he would use me from 1000 miles away, I mean if he did that would be some oddly misplaced determination…
This is not to say that there haven’t been minor transgressions on both ends, but the honesty is the best part of a long distance relationship.
You can literally say anything to them and still feel comfortable. My roommate commented yesterday that my SO and I seem very comfortable with each other all the time, even in the morning before a shower. She comes from a very physically conservative household, but it reaffirmed my belief that I actually have a meaningful relationship with someone.

I don’t know where it will end up, but to quote a very overused cliche: make love not war. Especially because you should never take any moment with someone you care about for granted.

Books for the Ages

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pegged as a stress rereader. This is a serious condition, manifesting in several forms and symptoms, including but not limited to:
Rereading books from your childhood
Rereading books from young adulthood
Rereading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (happens more often than you would think)

So, now that we have the symptoms out of the way, I’ve been in a bit of a funk because of a friend related trauma, so I went to a used book store and purchased four books, three of which I have already read and/or owned at some point in my life. The total was $24, but only because I got hold of a signed copy of Michael Hoeye‘s No Time Like Show Time. A fabulous book featuring a mouse, if you haven’t read it before. I also got two of the Secret series books by Pseudonymous Bosch which always make me feel better. There’s nothing like a little adventure and thrill to make you forget your troubles.

As Nipsey Russell says in The Wiz as the Tin Woodman, ‘Ain’t nobody home in soulville’ is exactly how I’ve been feeling. Reading is refilling my soul meter, and making me a better person, so I’m going to keep at it and ease on down the road to happiness.

One stress read at a time.

A Snip of Wisdom #5

Always feed your friends.

A Snip of Wisdom #4

Sometimes you can’t help what people think of you. Even if you try to change their mind, what people want to believe, they will.

A Snip of Wisdom #3

No matter how hard you try not to, you may end up breaking a few hearts. The only way to make it better is to mend someone else’s.

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