Lying: On Beds, To Yourself, and in Cleaning

For when you should be lying in bed.

I told myself to go to sleep hours ago, but my SO and I were skyping so I didn’t want to. Why an I so contrary with myself all the time? Clearly I have a cognitive dissonance. But enough psychology and self loathing.

I’ve said before how much I hate he English language, but sometimes it makes me so happy. I write poetry in English for two reasons after all (only one of the reasons is that the only other language I know is Latin) and one is because I enjoy working against the confines of language limitations. Getting your meaning out on paper (or online) is one of my favorite pastimes and I do it pretty often. Writing out normally like on this blog does not come quite as easily to me but it is very therapeutic.

So I lied not only to myself but also to you fine folks because I am not cleaning with lye, or talking about its various alkaline cleaning properties. It didn’t happen and is not likely to ever happen because bleach is my mold’s poison.

I am quite out of it as I write this, and I am not even in bed yet though I have had countless opportunities. So I should probably go now, before I say something too revealing, like the fact that my SO and I were very open in our live tonight, and tried to match each other’s declarations. Or that I only did two planks today but ate the equivalent of two packages of Twix bars…
So before all of that damning evidence, good night and good riddance.


So, I heard I’m Unique

Apparently, everyone is unique.  At least, that is the message I’ve been getting lately from assignments and interviews. Whatever man, think what you’ve gotta think.

I really hate that question with a passion. I have qualities, yes, and I’m pretty sure its the sum of all my qualities that makes me unique.  Well, that  is what everyone seems to think.

I’d argue however, that it is your motivation to do these things that makes you unique instead. But how do you really say that to a person asking the question?

I know that this post is completely fueled by frustration and anger, which is fine. I mean, sometimes you just have to vent. But this question is the worst one I get asked on a regular basis, because they just want you to brag about yourself.

This is how I imagine a conversation going:

Do you have any hobbies? Yes, I play violin,  I like to read, and basically I’m just a huge nerd with a surprisingly social life.

Why do you want this (job, position, whatever)? I want it. That’s enough. There are a lot of reasons, money, fame, to make a difference, the list goes on.

What makes you unique? … and this is the kicker… I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you, so why are you asking me again? Weren’t you listening before? … uh, let me think, maybe I’m a hard worker, I have a lot of experience in another field which I can apply, I actually talk to people like they are people and not deities or peasants I am trying to address?

I really don’t know how I am going to answer this, but I hope it works out, because I’m working my rear off trying to impress people without sounding annoying. If anyone has advice, I’ll gladly take it.

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