No, We Were Experimenting On Them!

I’m such a sissy when it comes to mice. There was a time when I trapped a mouse in a cup. I wasn’t at all afraid of it, but alas, such is life as a child.

I saw it again today, them mouse that is. I would swear it was haunting me. Once a mouse died in my basement at my childhood home, and I refused to do laundry until it was removed. That was a fun few weeks! (Jk, they removed it in a few days… Weird family.)

After the initial sighting, I cleaned almost every floor surface in my house, and wiped up all crumbs and deposited them where their existence would no longer be a burden to those who reside here. But three days later, I saw it again. Right outside my room. I may have a panic attack just thinking about it!

What I hate about mice:
They tend to overestimate their importance in the world. Just because they’re the smartest beings on earth does NOT entitle them to scurry everywhere!!!
Scurrying. Enough said.
Incessant need to chew on stuff.
Climbing everything
The fact that they don’t use a litter box
They probably have weird diseases that if mutated to humans, would kill us pretty quickly (educated guess?)
They’re really little. I’m actually fine with rats, they’re easier to catch because they’re not as smart and they are larger, but you can’t ever be sure you’ve seen a mouse out of the corner of your eye because they’re tiny and move super fast.

I told my roommate she MUST put her food in Tupperware, but she hasn’t doe it yet. I might do it for her… Or, she can be the one to find it and deal with it.

Long story short, somebody please come rescue me from the mice! I’d prefer CM, but he’s off in Europe, even though our anniversary was yesterday! The talented, wonderful, love of my life, jerk! At least we got to text each other a short message, but we’ll be celebrating later, don’t worry!

Hiding in fear of our rodential overlords

UPDATE: Bartholomew the stuffed animal cat is my only protection and solace!!


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